Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vaughn Banting Memorial Haiku Reading Notes

The NOHS Memorial Haiku Reading for our friend Vaughn Banting was filled with laughter and joy as each person shared memories of Vaughn and read poems by and in homage to Vaughn. During the event, the group participated in the following renga:


codgers cogitate

frost on green grass

friends in a circles
haring stories

of the bonsai master
who pruned

toasting memories
with wine

wondering about
his cat


soul or body

brain tumor - now with wings!

song of the butterfly
Zen garden

before Katrina
long walks

now, an empty wheelchair
a sad squirrel

a sleeping branch
an open sky

waiting for tomorrow

a new bloom opens

a lost hard-on?

living with infirmities

he pours more wine
she straddles his lap

match made in heaven

last cigarette
geckos cursing at dusk

melting chocolate tales
out of school

a family crest
finds itself under his finger
she carefully tends the roots

the roots of eternity
are planted today

growing tomorrow

distorted by the wind

ashes of a friend
make their way
to the garden

dreamers all

until the stuttering cicada
wakes us!

-----by: Laura, Karel, Bob, Bill, Carolyn, Johnette, Juliet and David

Please feel free to view some photos taken during the event at:

Vaughn is dearly missed and will forever be in our hearts.

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