Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 2009 Meeting Notes

It was nearly a full house at the NOHS monthly meeting last night. In attendance were Juliet, Samantha, Bob, Emma, Joe, Nicholas, Allie, David and Johnette. For dinner, Kathleen joined the party.

"Death-ku" seemed to be the theme last night. Juliet had some poems about her beloved childhood apple tree that had died, Bob shared some haiku about some friends who died in a plane crash and Samantha shared some haiku about a dying goose. On a lighter note, Nicholas roped us in with some streetcar and street scene-ku, Emma shared some poems from her Moon-ku series, Allie shared some Issa haiku, David had some travel-ku and Johnette had some mountain-ku. We saved some moments to hear haiku from our members in Japan; Emiko and Sakuo.

Plans for Japan Fest, a Facebook page, a haiku walk and a poetry reading were also discussed. More details to follow!

Happy haikuing.

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