Monday, April 26, 2010

Chibi Visits NOHS

On April 12-13 haiku poet Chibi (AKA Dennis) came down from his home in Georgia for a New Orleans visit. Due to schedule conflicts, not many members of the NOHS were able to enjoy his company, but I was one of the lucky two. On the clear, starry evening of April 12th, Chibi and I had a nice dinner at Coop's Place in the French Quarter, after which we claimed a table in the courtyard of Pat O'Briens. There, we wrote a 25-verse "drunken renku"--a true pleasure that was interrupted twice by people going up to Chibi and tugging at his beard, just to see if it was real. Next day, Chibi repeated the renku exercise, this time with NOHS member Juliet and without the inspiration of alcohol or beard-tuggers--resulting in a much more coherent end-product!
Pictured: me and Chibi at Pat O'Briens.
-David Lanoue
And Chibi writes this about his visit:

As to my visit to New Orleans, I met David for dinner at Coops and we ended up drinking and composing "barku/beerku" at Pat O'Brians. David and I talked about kigo in haiku and about our mutual friend and renku master, Professor Shokan Tadashi Kondo which we both have met in Tokyo, Japan. David and I composed a renga which is posted in neworleanshaikusociety yahoo group along with a few night-life photos at Pat's. I was also fortunate to be able to meet Juliet on another day for dinner at Bamboo, a vegetarian resturant in the French Quarter. Juliet and I composed a juunichou over dinner. We talked and ate between composing verse. I had the popular, Abita Strawberry ale and a vegetable quesadilla. I also posted Juliet and my juunichou on the yahoo group.

I was in New Orleans with my wife, Debbie, while she attended a three day conference on disaster management at Tulane. I also went to Audubon Park on the last day of our visit. I took photos of the park including the snowy egret rookery.

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