Thursday, April 1, 2010

NOHS Annual Party

We had our annual NOHS party in March instead of January this year. March is our anniversary month, making the NOHS eight years old! Hurrah!

The party was hosted on March 20, 2010 by Johnette at her house and in attendance were Karel, T.J., Leo, Bob, Nicholas, Juliet, Emma, Ed, Kathleen, David and Johnette. The party began with two games; one was a party renga (which will be posted on the Blog later) and the second was a "who wrote this haiku" guessing game. Each participant wrote an anonymous haiku on an index card and placed the card in a bowl. The haiku were then taken out of the bowl one at a time and read. At the end of the reading, participants had to guess the author of each haiku.

Plenty of food, drink, haiku reading and merriment were shared throughout the evening. The party ended with the annual "White Elephant" gift exchange game.

Feel free to view some of the photos David took during the party at

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