Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crude Haiku, oil poems

NOHS co-founder Johnette Downing has edited a fund-raising booklet of haiku inspired by the BP oil disaster titled: Crude Haiku, oil poems. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support the coastal restoration and animal preservation and conservation. The booklet (8 pages, side-stapled) contains 34 haiku written by thirteen Louisiana poets with help from Fay Aoyagi, Dennis Holmes (Chibi), Emiko Miyashita, Sakuo Nakamura and Luce Pelletier. on the nautical chart a black rose drops its petals --Fay Aoyagi pre-blackened fish bp marinade --Mary Emma Dutreix Pierson Here is how to order: Send a self-addressed stamped 6x9 envelope with a suggested $5.00 donation (though any amount is welcome) to: Johnette Downing Crude Haiku P. O. Box 13367 New Orleans, LA 70185

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